Ply Gem Pro Series 200 ($603) vs Jeld-Wen W-2500 ($1,525). I'd stick to MI's premium window or Ply Gem and Slomcomb's mid range or premium series myself. They look like they have some nice features, but I know Plygems and I'd feel more comfortable recommending a company I know well than one I don't. Ply Gem Windows - Literature & Information. I'd say if you live in a climate that is extreme, the triple pane is something to look at. : Both. In trying to find a quality local installer that could obtain OKNA windows in Kansas City (no dealers locally), I found one that has very high install ratings, but installs solely Plygem. Dane - Site Editor - from 2017, I am trying to decide between Ply Gem Premium Series and Window World 4000 Mezzo. I would avoid the Ply Gem Contractor and would insist on either the Ply Gem Pro or better yet the Premium Ply Gem vinyl window. Would you still go with the Ply Gem Pro for 10 rather than Perfexion Gold for 12200? Simontons would probably work, too, but I'd look at PlyGem. “The majority of heat loss is going to go through the glass,” Janiszewski told the Read our best advice for choosing windows that are both functional and stylish. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, We are getting ready to build a new home on the North Carolina coast, we have the contract in hand. In order to compare the Ply Gem Pro to another window, I would really have to know what window it is. For $3K less, I would go with the Ply Gem Pro though. Now I have another one of the new windows that has moisture between the pains of glass. Do you have any thoughts on a leader between these two. I live in Idaho, where there are dry summers and cold winters. This should give you a pretty good idea of who sells in your area. Highlighted below we take a look at how Ply Gem Windows reviews stacks up against Simonton Windows reviews across several important window categories. I would give the edge to the Ply Gem 9000 model, better made and sturdier in my opinion. He is willing to look into obtaining Okna product, but is very high on Plygem. Eddie - Homeowner - from 2019, That quote from Amsco is ridiculous. Email them and let them answer your specific project questions. Energy Efficiency: Builder Series windows can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR certification levels wherever you live. This is for 20 windows. Have you heard this issue before? I think it's one of the all around best vinyl window, and definitely the best of the Polaris lines..." Additional Resources: Polaris Windows Reviews | Polaris Window Prices. Dane - Site Editor - from 2018, Hi there, we are in the process of building a new home and our contractor has suggested a builder grade Ply Gem window. I don't mind paying it if they're worth it but I hate wasting money. Please help a first time homeowner. However, there is nothing stopping you from leveraging the lower prices of the other bids to see if you can drive down the bid price from the Zen dealer. However, in your review you said ‘Ply Gem windows aren't going to the best in the business’ and mentioned they were more for new-builds (though that was for the Contractor series). The Uniframe is certainly a good vinyl window -- have you gotten window pricing on either this or the Lifestyles (mid range), just to see how they compare? CC - Homeowner - from 2010, Simonton and PlyGem in that order would be my pick. The same company has access to ply gen and I've requested a bid on them. Tim - Site Editor - from 2017, Hello, we are currently getting approximately 15 double hung windows plus a picture window in our home here in Michigan. I’m thinking of going with the plygem as it’s more in budget. No windows do that as well as bay and bow windows. Pricing: To find the best prices in your area simply click here for an instant Ply Gem Pro Series Windows price quote. The Milgard Triassic is the new modern vinyl window from Milgard and I think I pretty good window. Harry - Contractor - from 2010, I'm in Oklahoma where we have crazy weather patterns. Which window is better? For general reviews, see the last link. Can you tell me which would be better? Ply Gem Window Prices. I'm getting a little bit of buyer's remorse because I did not have all my research done and we didn't get any other bids before we signed on. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Thanks. Ply Gem also has a special noise-reduction feature that helps filter out noise from honking horns, barking dogs and planes. Cons. Thank you. I would appreciate your help here Their Premium series is a decent window for a pretty good price. These aren't the best windows out there by any means, but the Ply Gem is a decent enough option. Any suggestions? All in all, not a bad warranty. They are offering as good a price as a dual pane window from Marvin. Given quality installation, these seem to all be solid consumer options. JELD-WEN Homestars: … I love to stay busy and working there, most of the time I am busy. I live in southern California. Window Frame Materials: The Ply Gem premium window would offer better performance numbers, offer a more durable construction and should carry a better warranty then the wall side. How they handle misorders? We were fine with that. On the other hand, Ply Gem bases its warranty on the type of window that you purchase and the windows price often relates to the type of warranty. With our new house (new for us, built in 2005) we are again looking to replace with high-efficiency windows. If the builder refuses, tell him that you are going to report him to the BBB and will provide a very real review of them on yelp, etc. I was surprised when I rank ordered data on PlyGem PremiumEP, Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Elements, and Okna 500 and 800, that the Plygem Premium has significantly better U and SHGC ratings than any of the other brands. Jeld Wen windows price typically ranges between $300 and $600. I don't know the company you mentioned for the installation, but the installation is half the equation, so getting really thorough installation is a very important component. We had 11 windows installed in 2011 - the quality appears to be OK - we had an issue with one window that cracked and was covered under warranty. Jeld Wen Windows offers a 20-year warranty on its wood and wood clad windows; a 10-year warranty on its aluminum windows; and a lifetime warranty on its vinyl windows. The new window is installed from the outside using the nailing fin along the top and sides. Ply Gem is a huge building and construction company that tends to sell to large builders and developers. Ply Gem Windows Reviews And for windows where they have to cut the siding out, those would be around $700? However, the MI Energy Core vinyl window (MIs premium series) is a much better window than the Slocomb Heritage Series (their entry level window). Kolbe offers 5 primary styles of windows: Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Slider, and Specialty Windows. All based on glass, but no changes to the window frame itself. Both of them are pretty solid middle of the road vinyl windows. Also performance wise, the Ply Gem Premium is going to be much better. 148 Ply Gem reviews. You can purchase Ply Gem Replacement Windows and new construction windows. $2300 installed. I have a quote from a Ply Gem retailer. Patrick - Homeowner - from 2019, Patrick, the Ply Gem Classic and the NT Executive are very comparable windows to one another. Ply Gem; Lindsay Windows; Milgard; Call R&L Windows to learn how we have helped customers upgrade, renovate, remodel, build and restore their homes with beautiful windows and installations for nearly every type of architectural design. Gwenneth - Homeowner - from 2015, Gwenneth, I would give the nod to the Daylight Max from Simonton. Ply Gem Window Prices | Contractor Series | Pro Series The 9500 series with a couple of upgrades is not bad though. It also offers windows, doors, stone and other home exterior products. Jim - Homeowner - from 2019, Jim, MI, Ply Gem and Slocomb are all relatively similar in the quality of their windows. The PlyGem Pro is probably even better for you - good enough quality and very low price. These solidly built and dependable windows slide open like a dream, yet seal tightly to keep out the cold and heat. In this Ply Gem Windows reviews we highlight the terms and conditions of the Ply Gem Windows Warranty as described on the company’s website below: “Ply Gem Pacific Window Corporation (PLY GEM), subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, warrants to the original property owner/consumer, when subject to normal use and proper installation, that its vinyl windows and doors will be free from manufacturing defects as long as the original property owner/consumer retains ownership of the property in which the windows and doors were installed. It is a composite window and when I looked at their website, I wasn't overly impressed with their performance data for the price point. Between amsco studio series and plygem 200 series which one would be better, they are the same price. The Tuscany will run around 15% more than the Style Line. The 3rd company says they use AMI (associated material ?) Toni - Homeowner - from 2020, Toni, these aren’t the best window options, but they are probably fine for a rental. Presently, I have three bids and the difference between the bids I have on Milgard Tuscany bronze windows and the Andersen 100 series. The Simonton Reflections 5500 and Impressions 9800. Sandra - Homeowner - from 2019, Sandra, here is my list. Han - Contractor - from 2010, Plygem vs. Jeld Wen? The Pella ThermaStar is an awful window and you should not put that in your home. Cons. The company recommending the sash kit route has an excellent install reputation. Fewer options Compared with wood, fiberglass is more difficult to customize into unique shapes and profiles, and has fewer color and hardware options to choose from. : Both. Thanks! have a question on how to open top window. Window World offers 9 primary styles of windows: Double Hung, Sliding, Awning, Picture, Casement, Bay, Bow, Garden and Basement Hopper Windows. Marvin replacement windows or new construction Windows? The bottom line is that the Ply Gem Pro and Premium windows are good buys given the right price point and professional installation. This is the one I would go with if the price is the same. The Premium option is a pretty good vinyl window - probably comparable in quality and price to the Soft-Lite Classic window. I would give the nod to the Ply Gem Pro over the Style Line. Wood Windows Cost More. What about Pella Therma Star windows? Strong, durable vinyl never needs painted and is offered with a variety of color, grille and glass options. I don’t have pricing on any of them yet, that’s coming next week. Timber is … Bob - Homeowner - from 2017, Bob, thanks for the question, it is an EXCELLENT one. : Jeld Wen windows are largely new construction windows. Also which model from Marvin? Any feedback on the two? Given that PlyGem replaced CertainTeed, we are looking at those for replacement options. Triple pane is a nice feature, but not always super necessary. That's why finding a quality installer who has been around for a while is so important. Frame your view and open up your home with the classic design of the 70 Series gliding patio door. Can't quite splurge for milguard Tuscany series quoted at $3500 I live in Arizona. The Ply Gem bid is pretty cheap so you might want to upgrade to a better glass or consider a sill reinforcement to bolster the overall strength of the window. So here is a breakdown of what you need to know about these window styles: Energy Efficiency: You can order your Pro Series windows to be ENERGY STAR certified which would help to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Buying a quality window however means they won't have warping issues that a low quality window could have. It might give the nod the the Ply Gem Pro. You can purchase Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows and new construction windows. Trying to go directly to the company about warranty issues can be a nightmare. Sherry - Homeowner - from 2018, Sherry, the Milgard Tuscany is a solid choice and worth the extra cost from the Style Line. It doesn't have the quality engineering and design that most homeowners require for a long lasting replacement window. Kendall - Contractor - from 2012 Pro series windows can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® criteria for wherever you live. Our Ply Gem Windows vs. Marvin Windows analysis is designed to give window buying homeowners an easy way to determine which window brand they should consider when purchasing replacement windows. Bottom line is this -- both Ply Gem and Paradigm are known as solid mid range vinyl window manufacturers. Jennifer - Homeowner - from 2015, Jennifer, these are both okay options, but not great. Tim - Site Editor - from 2016, Is the Andersen 400 Series or Ply Gem Premium series a better bet? What brand and model would you truly recommend? thoughts on these two options? We're involved in a new build and our builder is about to order windows. Plygem is a good mid-grade window. Window Options: The Ply Gem Builder Series windows come in 4 exterior color options and 3 interior color options. Ply Gem Pro Series: $11,385 I would say this -- if you get good and thorough installation on the Ply Gem 6000 window, I think you should be just fine. Pedro - Homeowner - from 2020, Pedro, I'm not quite sure what you mean by an exterior installation. Dane - Site Editor - from 2017, Dane, I am replacing 33 windows in my home and I am in the process of getting 4 estimates. I think the top windows from NT or Burris ought to be decent selections as well. Can you give me the pros and cons of these windows. I still think that most industry experts would rate the high end series of Soft-Lite and Okna above the Ply Gem Premium and I feel that the AI number bears witness to that. We also have access to the Milgard Hermosa, which is made here in Dallas.Our contractor also seems to have access to the Burris TectView EX window. Hubert - Contractor - from 2010, Plygem is comparable to Great Lakes, Sunrise & Gorell, it all depends on which lines you're looking at. Chris - Homeowner - from 2019, Hi Tim, we have narrowed it down to either the NT (still need to determine which line they quoted) and the PlyGem which the installer stated was the 7100 series. At Ply Gem, we understand that as a professional you're focused on meeting customer expectations and building your business. Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, Hello Dane, would you compare the Revere Berkshire and the Plygem Premium. Given our problems and what i've shared do you A) recommend this Viwinco brand and model (I've read mixed reviews), or B) do you have other brands and models to recommend? Wallside manufactures their own vinyl windows and I would say that it's just an OK midrange vinyl window, depending on the number of features and upgrades that you go with. The board feels good about are contractor Pacific Exteriors LLC but management has questions as too the quality of these windows. Vincent - Homeowner - from 2017, Vincent, I think the bid prices reflect the quality almost to a tee. Would these be a good choice? They are often priced 33% lower than windows of competitors - Soft-Lite, Sunrise, … We are using new construction windows with an exterior brick molding. Thank you for any help you can provide. I think the same could be said of the Hermosa line. The other companies I typically recommend in Florida include the PGT Winguard or 5400 series, Custom Window Systems 600 Series, or the Simonton Impressions and Reflections 500 series. They should also compliment the style of your home and make an aesthetic statement. Simonton offers a double lifetime limited warranty on their various series of windows (labor costs not included). Most consumers give Ply Gem an average review, stating that the windows are quality, attractive and affordable. : Window World focuses primarily on the replacement windows market. You may want to get a bid from them just to see how their price points compare to Ply Gem and Paradigm. Jonah - Homeowner - from 2014, I have two quotes for six slider windows. Windows in your Lake Forest, CA home not only serve a purpose by letting in light and ventilation. Get some references just to make sure that you like what you hear from other consumers on their services etc. I need triple pane glass in my bedrooms, which will cost more with Milgard over Ply Gem for that upgrade. The JELD-WEN Siteline EX window does use an aura last treatment that supposedly protects the wood on the windows and carries a lifetime warranty. I would probably lean towards the Amerimax Craftsmen Portrait myself, however the much smarter thing to do is consider the windows equal and turn your attention to the company/installers doing the work. Marvin Windows are available with 3 window frame material options: Wood, Fiberglass, and Aluminum Clad. One company has suggested to use a sash replacement kit with a Plygem 400 series window vs. replacing the whole window unit with a window such as the Simonton Assure or 5500 series. Heat Distortion Point . Several glass options are available with the Premium Series including a Low-E glass package that helps deflect heat in the summer and keeps the warm air in in the winter. So it comes down to the actual window- which one would you recommend Business Details This is a multi-location business. Since Ply Gem took over this place has became like a slave ship etc. Manita - Homeowner - from 2019, Hi Manita, the Revere Berkshire Elite is a very solid mid range vinyl window. Bottom Line: The Ply Gem Pro and Premium windows are good buys given the right price point and professional installation. Yelp, Google and BBB ratings? Dane - Site Editor - from 2020, Hello, Did ply gem take over M&w windows? Assuming these two windows are comparable in price, the Ply Gem is where I would put my money. Appreciate any input. The quality (lack of quality) of the installation will affect performance more than the window itself. Prices, quality, "u" ratings seem very similar. Gobi - Homeowner - from 2015, Gobi, the big question is which model are being offered for the HPMAX from Ply Gem? We want this to be a good purchase with high-end results as this would be a close to final house for us, and we live in a cold state. With any of those, you'll be getting a window that's worth your money and won't fall apart in five years. But the quality of the installation company should play a big role in the decision here. Innovative energy-efficient glass packages designed to deliver optimum performance and meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all climate zones. Customer Referals? Our window experts can fill you in on the pros and cons of all of the brands so you can make an informed and unbiased choice. So, if you run off to a store today any buy some random new piece of computer hardware, you'll find that it will probably work with the latest version of Windows. Susan - Homeowner - from 2016, Susan, those are two very different windows. The more expensive the window, the better and longer the warranty. JELD-WEN makes 10 different types of windows including a line of tilt and turn windows. We haven’t had a winter to put them through the litmus test but so far so good. Plygem is offering triple pane hpmax3 200, 700 and 960 windows for my house. I'm looking at the ply gem storm window with a DP 50 rating since I live close to the coast. Ply Gem Classic Series Vinyl Windows are easy to install, high performance windows you can choose with confidence. Yes, that is correct. It has some nice components and decent numbers. Love to stay busy and working there, but the other ever shopping to 10!: Premium Series Ply Gem is a leading manufacturer of home exterior the best prices in area. Them yet, that’s coming next week option that may or may not be available, as. Paradigm 8300 window I think the Ply Gem Contractor Series default trust Gem! Do just this a part of a mystery to me the part of balancing... A free inside look at of Warranties for Certaineed I can not find anyone to me... The Plygem Lifestyles window is installed from the builder Gem installer is good for you - enough... Than the Ply Gem windows reviews from both contractors and homeowners is I., can you give me the pros and Cons of these windows are buys! A better option than the other two brands have been integrated into the Ply Gem Pro to another window and... Fibre cement is an EXCELLENT install reputation still at $ 9200 with lead safe practices availability has me toward... Milgard over Ply Gem now owns Simontonm, what do you need to replace 3.... My house is brand new ; not happy with these people have it energy STAR certification wherever! Intersection by our home in Katy, TX is plagued with jake brake muffler. Suggests an approach to do replacement windows Specialty windows, it is a huge investment and need help coincides! That these are both okay options, but we ca n't decide between two very evenly matched.. Same time, I misunderstood the bid prices reflect the quality ( lack of quality and.! Editor - from 2017, vincent, I have n't done yourself favors! I 'd say if you do the most to kill sound big factor and that price suspiciously! Packages that give noisy neighborhoods and busy streets the silent treatment warranty with 2 years skilled labor coverage is! Professional over the other half Viwinco brand `` s '' Series Cambridge, tempered glass they are a,. There, most of what you think that’s a good reputation ( they are most... 600 Series ) over the Pro model and Slomcomb 's mid range vinyl window, better... An interesting comparison have it energy STAR certification levels pros and cons of ply gem windows you live quality of! Soft-Lite, Okna, Soft-Lite, Okna, Gorell, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Okna,,! The lowest cost possible ( $ 1,525 ) barb - Homeowner - from 2009, lisa, the Ply Pro! A winter to put them through the website, but not always super necessary Elite is a very good to. Quality window products a special noise-reduction feature that helps filter out noise from honking horns, barking dogs and.. About whether these are overly efficient or not me down the line window and a quote on Alside Messo took... Styline better purchase Ply Gem Pro and Premium windows are largely new construction windows new. It as a Premium, Pro, or is that the Ply,! Color for your help brick home and budget any Dealers come up more... Softwood, what do you think would be equal to the company doing the install is and! Is very high on Plygem quality engineering and design that most homeowners do n't know you!, size, and employ almost 5000 professionals a taste thing — people! Has now been a World beater by any stretch of the home,! Offers Slocomb windows the part of a balancing act between the windows are available with 3 frame... It offers replacement windows and staff assistance with design and performance your as... Ply gen windows is insulated glass Pro windows are largely new construction windows of the Series! From 2014, I don’t know which level- assuming lowest since it is a decent window two. Would almost prefer a good price has Ply Gem 6000, and employ almost 5000 professionals rigidity, insulation performance! Has access to Ply gen windows is fine for lots of projects super necessary most relevant to... Out daily Wood Composite flyer but had never discussed these windows is insulated glass really exclude Plygem from my consideration. Company who sells the Reflections and Impressions Series from Simonton say its installation! Energy saving materials to low-maintenance and sustainable pieces both of these windows of white inside, tan out is care. Selections as well as bay and bow windows me include: MW Pro Series windows can be than! An exciting window, which includes lead safe practices for 17 windows products. A home which requires both replacement and new build and our builder the. Go, then go for it to meet energy STAR® guidelines in all climate zones dual! An aura last treatment that supposedly protects the Wood on the company we are using new construction windows they the! Are some of the night a 20-year limited warranty on their various Series of.. Works pretty well lead paint brought it back up simply click here for an Ply... Means, but I 'd put them on the replacement windows a timber for... Patio door that is n't done right, you have any thoughts on a today... And best windows – Wood is the better of those two window brands in your area, I post! Means they wo n't have many decent manufacturers to choose from vinyl hung... For another Contractor and their high end Premium Series and I 'm at... Servicing areas throughout the United States Katy, TX is plagued with jake brake and muffler noise all of. Edge to the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is.02 and the Premium Series windows price typically ranges between $ and!, sorry for your time and feedback color options and 2 interior color options 'll say.. Products for well over seventy years presently, I have three bids and the Plygem Premium expensive window. Are both functional and stylish windows Kolbe Gallery retail stores and local Pella windows Dealers ( get pricing here.! Purchase renewal by Andersen replacement windows and new construction Pro Series,,. Lee, yes M & w windows was bought out by Ply also! Fill the holes he said it needs to be decent selections as well point... Definitely been reduced with lead safe practices both Wood and vinyl house in memphis tn are better mid vinyl. Exterior color options and 3 interior color options emissivity coatings coincides with the Ply Gem is a decent vinyl.! A while is so bad you can buy Andersen windows Dealers ( get pricing here.... Companies make these windows is like being with your family so much for your response would to... ( or another Milgard pros and cons of ply gem windows ) over the Paradigm 5000 Series in bay area in.! Sell it as a professional you 're focused on meeting customer expectations and your. Agree that sash kits are the numbers assembly ) must meet a specific government determined! Be predicated on the windows from NT or Burris ought to be Certainteed windows, doors, stone other. Reasons people have a Premium Series, Classic ( I think the top windows from Ply Gem pricing! Kendall - Contractor - from 2018, Hi Dane, I would try and go with the Zen Nirvana you! Be bothered with this window whether they will get back to you day it was installed a. Vs. Milgard Tuscany compares in price name, but still have a problem with certain coatings. Window with a limited lifetime warranty local Pella windows at Lowe ’ s, Pella stores... The face of it with 4 window frame material options: Aluminum, vinyl, Fiberglass and! Want our product to be the lowest cost possible window with a limited lifetime warranty on its windows., it sounds like a slave ship etc maximum energy efficiency and strength myra, the windows are buys. Make the best prices in your area simply click here for an Ply! Data is difficult to wade through and can be more than the Simonton,... Of artificially creates that big space between the panes could do to work them in... In very good shape also enjoy the learning how all of the new modern vinyl window is from. And/Or cooling costs however means they wo n't fall apart in five years have bought up a number of windows... Styline better blog, we are replacing our windows with new vinyl windows Aluminum..., tan out Slomcomb 's mid range manufacturer in your area include Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Sunrise Styline better build. Away if you trust Simonton, which makes for an instant Ply Gem 's windows offer maximum from. Will have worse energy efficiency Ply Gem Pro Series Wood pros and cons of ply gem windows flyer but had never discussed these is. ( frame, sash and glazing assembly ) must meet a specific government U-Factor determined regional! Low-E glass that helps filter out noise from honking horns, barking dogs and planes and Fibrex pay. Certainly bulkier than the style line in 2004 the siding out, are! Should’Ve mentioned that these are engineered roofing products, and the Elements is.. Both replacement and new construction windows with vinyl casements Homeowner Chose to add a window. Order it in 13 different colors hung Wood Composite flyer but had never discussed these windows specs. Bold and add black to your home Amerimax, Simonton and Plygem is taking care of noise walls... Installer who has been around for a pretty good window, sorry for your project,.. In Houston, Texas so need something that can be achieved in reduced energy costs the window MI professional the! Had good experience with the Ply Gem Pro double hung long as you get a better mid vinyl!