She leaves, and Audience members go up to congratulate Adam. After seeing Lise is not among the dancers, he laughs in relief, causing a stir among the guests which eventually turns into a wild dance number ("Fidgety Feet"). -Are you sure about that? Adam begs Henri to let Lise stay in Paris and accuses him of being a coward both during the war and afterwards. Share. Jerry sees Lise at the nightclub and tells her that he and Milo are through and begs her to tell him what obligations she has to Henri, but Henri's act starts. An American in Paris is a story of finding love, happiness, and a new lease on life. Henri threw himself into the Resistance, all of them risking their lives for her, and have kept this secret due to the disruption this would cause their social status in the fragile post-war world. /* TFP - - above */ 0105: Germany: 1951: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r14554547] Release. [CDATA[ Gershwin based his melodies on repeated motives, and then repeating melodies many Trafalgar Releasing announced a new film version of the stage production set for release in 2018. [4] Of the musical numbers in the film, the show retains "I Got Rhythm", "'S Wonderful", "Stairway to Paradise", and the orchestral pieces Concerto in F and An American in Paris, with other numbers drawn from the Gershwins' works. 1. Meanwhile, Lise sits down at a cafe and writes a letter to her mother; although presumed dead, she still hopes they are alive and writes a letter every day. She begs for advice: whether to marry Henri as expected, or try for true love ("The Man I Love"). The Baurels announce Lise and Henri's engagement, crushing both Adam and Jerry, who lashes out at Milo and storms into the garden. Bei reBuy Ferschtman,Liza - VIOLIN CONCERTO - AN AMERICAN IN PARIS gebraucht kaufen und bis zu 50% sparen gegenüber Neukauf. Lise enters with Mr. Baurel who says Henri has something to say to her. Jerry interrupts Lise at her job at a perfume counter to tell her that she got the job. Lise appears. Jerry accuses him of being a coward. * “An American in Paris” — Orchestra, *Company * “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” — Adam, Jerry, Henri A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters. Henri's act begins and he is stricken with nerves, but Adam encourages him to remember his dream, and he fantasizes of performing an elegant number in Radio City Music Hall ("Stairway to Paradise"). Recognizing a kindred spirit, Adam helps Jerry find a place to live and helps him get started in Paris. 6:42 PREVIEW I Got … Jerry is sketching a bench at the banks of the Seine when Lise arrives for their meeting, telling him she cannot accept his friendship. In parallel conversations, Milo and Henri ask Jerry and Lise if they have anything to tell them. Lise tells him she does not have the luxury of love and runs away because "life is not like your American movies." He sits at a piano and recounts the story of the day his friend, Jerry Mulligan, came to Paris. Dancers arrive for the audition, and the audition has begun when to Jerry's shock, the mysterious girl arrives, apologizing for being late. I’m not sure whether the same is true of Parisians or not. Jerry realizes Lise is engaged to his friend and, in a fit of rage, he removes both his and Milo's masks, and with Lise watching, kisses her ("Second Rhapsody/Cuban Overture"). Henri punches him and tells him whatever he may think of him, Lise is what he has devoted his life to. Liza. Stream ad-free or … Milo, seeing his indecision, offers to deliver it for him. In an interview with Agence France-Presse, Ms. Minnelli explained her fond feelings for the City of Light. Both Henri and Jerry berate Adam for making his new song too dark when what Paris needs is light. Jerry is left in despair. //