Very good question. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by email or comment back here. An employee of mine has asked me to try and help him get a lien off of a title to a mobile home that was purchased by his grandfather in 1987 and was gifted to him when his grandfather passed away. My apologies about the delay in this comment reply. A used manufactured/mobile home is exempt from the sales/use tax. I assume that you have figured things out at this point. The following services are available at the Mobile MVD. The seller has listed the property for $196,000. Keep in touch. Mobile MVD Services. An applicant following the Garageman Lien procedure must present ownership documentation that includes a Notice of Lien and Sale (PDF) (MV-901A) and a Garageman Affirmation and Bill of Sale (PDF) (MV-901B). That is why it is important to call the local manufactured housing titling department in your state. I believe/hope that I have some leverage here to ask/demand that in return for my cooperation that the seller pay all fees and penalties in escrow if required. I'm so sorry to hear about your family's loss. When you have a loan for your manufactured home, mobilehome, commercial modular, floating home, or truck camper, the lender holds the Certificate of Title and is listed as the legal owner of the home. She said all I need is the bill of sale. Dealer's bill of sale, invoice, etc., plus prior owner's out-of-state title certificate signed over to you or in your name.**. To apply for a title-only because of a lease-buyout, or for a vehicle you will register under the DMV International Registration Program, you may submit a Vehicle Registration/Title Application to any motor vehicle office. Every state has a manufactured housing Association that can recommend some advice and an attorney that might be helpful. He went to the tag and title office to get a title in his name and when they did the title search it is still showing a lien on the title. The fee is $20.00. Always call your state to verify the mobile home's VIN or serial numbers and confirm if there any active liens. The title documents for these homes are found at the Registry of Deeds in your Florida town. But is left as no title no value . Bring the completed form when you apply for registration and title. The trailer is a 1978 and they bought it in 1993. Mobile homes that are considered real property are called manufactured homes. A certificate of title in electronic or paper form is the proof of ownership of a vehicle, mobile home or vessel in the state of Florida. how can i go about getting a title for the mobile home i bought without the owners death certificate of family members. Keep in mind that if they are not able to help you it may be difficult to obtain clear title. I’m not sure which state you are in so these documents may change depending on the state. I agree with you that this is likely not the case. He had been in and out of the hospital all the previous year and they were intubating him that week which would leave me responsible for his care and choices, etc etc, except I didn't know any of this until after he was intubated. Can I sell it to the park or what can I do? All the best. I find out the owner own the property so much lot rent ? Proof such as paid taxes and home bills from years and years. I need to remove her name off the title. Hi my BF bought a mobile home back in August of 2017 in GA. My family and I went to his trailer today and the lot owner finally met us to let us in. The stress of this issue is adding to the isolation stress at this point. An electronic title transfer is available, or the buyer may contact an MVD Office or Authorized Third Party provider and provide a signed off title and title application to complete the process. I cannot imagine all of the extra stress that you are going through because of all of this. Thanks so much for this great post and taking your time to answer all these questions! It isn't worth much. If the home was already sold like you mentioned than this property may be gone. We also live in Ohio and not Michigan. My mother bought a mobile home years ago, I thought I was the co-signer for this home but have since found out I am the buyer, anyway - my mother passed away a couple years ago and gave the home to my daughter, the trailer is in a trailer park and my daughter has not been paying the lot rent, long story short - when my mom passed the title and lien release were lost and the company(Green Point Credit) she was financed thought has gone out of business, the trailer park has agreed to take the home for payment of back rent but I have no way of getting a lien release is there anything I can do? Now I find out that Greentree still has a lien on the title. please help me!!!! manufactured homes, model year 1995, or newer, that are 8 feet or more in width, or 40 feet or more in length, or cover at least 320 square feet when erected on site. I spoke to her and during the time of eviction, she had a seizure and became disoriented. I never received any notices.I suspect that the mobile home has been transferred (with no documentation) to several family members since 1997. I am her next of kin. A title allows the lender that you have selected to finance your home purchase to have lien on your home, meaning they have a legal claim to your home until the mortgage is completely paid in full.² A lender's lien on a manufactured home title is similar to a lien by an auto lender on a car title. My problem is that I have a mobile home that I wanted to purchase but the seller informed me that the original title was never transferred, it has gone through the years being resold again and again but they cannot find the original owner or the original company that the loan was issued with because that company is now out of business. Steve. Any advise is appreciated. A mobile home title will be issued from the state in which the mobile home resides. Since the early days before mobile homes, titles were used as an instrument to prove both ownership and that all taxes and fees were paid. Now, 5 years later my father is deceased and I am needing to sell my home asap. When applying only for a title certificate, you must pay the sales tax at a motor vehicle office. A mobile home title is nearly equivalent to the title of your personal vehicle. The agent said the title is lost and the owner will not try to find it . If it is not in writing, than it did not happen. My mother had Alzheimer's and I was her sole caretaker until she passed. A motor vehicle's VIN is usually located on the driver's side dashboard, near the windshield: For a motor vehicle 10 years old and newer, be sure the odometer reading, your name and address as buyer, and the date are printed clearly in the spaces provided under "TRANSFER BY OWNER" on the reverse of the title. She has signed The paperwork needed. However, if a mobile home is actually mobile, the title will be held either by an auto lender or at the Florida Registry of Motor Vehicles. However perhaps they do not want to take the home back in would simply rather the title be transferred as was agreed to back in August. We recently purchased a home in North Carolina with an additional doublewide mobile home on the property. I need to remove her off the title. We tried eviction. I have good buyer that wants to finance it… It has been in the process for going on 3 months with a mortgage co… whos is working with a lending co who finally is saying it will close soon but no exact date yet… I was told by mortgage co that the closing process would be to sign the Bill of Sale, Sign the Title over and this would be sent to the Lender…. We jsut had the funeral yesterday and had wanted to go to his home but the lot owner said we could not be there with out him and he finally got back from vaction today. Could the park have allowed someone to move it without notifying the bank. That does sound very sneaky and greedy that the landowner would say that the father verbally sold the home to him. What is your take in this? No liens. Though the mobile home owner did give her a hard time. If the true owner on title has already signed on the seller’s line, then simply have your seller sign as buyer and quickly transfer the title into their name. If so, you will likely be able to obtain a duplicate title by filing the correct forms with your state. I regret to hear that you and your wife are going through the situation. The title outlines pertinent information, such as the home's vehicle identification number, serial numbers, make, model, year built, owner's name, and lien holder's information. Some states will have this information at their fingertips. If the mobile home is simply abandoned and nobody claims it than the park and file for an abandoned title to take possession. There is an $8.50 certificate fee and a $6.00 processing fee for filing the severance documentation. It's making me sick now worrying. I hope that this point you in the right direction. The title certificate is used to transfer ownership from one person to another. Who do I need to talk to so I can change the value on taxes? !have mobile home inSouthCarolina would like to do make over,dont know who to talk to about that.or is it cheaper to just buy. That is a very unique and awful situation. Hi John hope you can answer my question. There are fees and penalties in the amount of $1849. The owner of the mobile home park moved the trailer and sold the trailer and took all the property. Both companies are out of business. Title Transfers. Thank you! I was told to go through a probate lawyer and she said I HAD to have the title. My brother bought a mobile home for me. My wife bought a mobile home from someone we worked with three years ago. This semi-loose chain of ownership may be enough to prove to the folks working at the TDHCA, the Texas department that controls manufactured home ownership, that the owner is indeed your mother's friend. Hope that this helps some and points you in the right direction. Aim for one that offers one-free hour consultation to get your questions answered. The owner of the mobile home park agreed to let my cousin stay there. I have tracked down the company that took over their loans but was told since it was paid off they didn't get the records -- please help -- as I am now responsible for years worth of lot rent :(. So it was late February when I got wind of the deeds/titles. Photocopies are not accepted. Over the next 11 months, John added 10 more mobile homes to his cash-flowing portfolio. The DMV will accept only the signed, original release. Is there any way for this Vulture to take our father belongs, leggaly it sounds to me that he has not rights and i do not think my father would randomly just give him his trailer and all of his possion in case of his death. So I brought a single wide trailer in a trailer park. Pay the Sales and Use Tax (3% for manufactured homes; 2% for mobile offices). I sold my double wide mobile home six years ago and the buyer never registered it. It’s in a mobile home park with a hand written bill of sale I still have the title. It is certainly not the right thing to do, however there are many other people buying and selling mobile homes with only a bill of sale because the title is long gone. Quickly analyze a property address or ZIP Code to compare your rent in your neighborhood. How does she transfer the title into her name and then into the purchasers name? To de-title a mobile home, mail directly to the Department of Revenue, Vehicle Services Division, 500 Deaderick Street Nashville, Tennessee 37242: Letter of request to de-title. All the best. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and comment. Any ideas on where we can turn? And there is nothing by deed signed date. Great job getting an attorney involved in trying to get help the legal way. Note: In addition to the titling fee, DMV collects a $30.00 fee from Manufactured Home Dealers for the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) at the time of titling. This means there is a “lien” against your home; which can prevent you from selling your property. Moving forward you will likely have some more follow-up questions or concerns. My cousin explained to the judge that my brother and I are the legal heirs to the trailet. I regret to hear about your boyfriend being in jail at the moment. Run down and remodeled several times it looks like it was built from scratch. I would like to take my Problem is I've tried everything in my power to get the title and deed from the title company after paying cash for it and They have giving me several reasons as to why I haven't received it yet. The state in which the mobile home resides issues the title. It certainly does not sound like an ideal situation for anyone. I found the 1st person who owned the home. SOrry I know this may not be exactly what you spoke of but I am in way over my head and as we just layed my father to rest am just beside my self that this man would come in and act the way he has. However, New York State title certificates are not issued over the counter. I am requesting the transfer document from HCD to identify the buyer and seller at that time. Investing since 2002, John started in real estate accidentally with a four-bedroom mobile home inside of a pre-existing mobile home park. How can we switch the title over and not pay the taxes again? I definitely want and need to press charges if possible but more importantly make sure there’s no way he will actually get away with taking legal ownership of the home I purchased with my own money and have a lease where I live and pay lot rent which is in my name only. I bought a mobile home then a week later the seller died all I have is a bill of sell with his signature a witness and my signature the witness was property manager of park at said bill of sell time I have never owned one before how do I go about keeping it or moving it to my property . Thank you so much for reaching out and connecting. I've researched online like crazy. I know it takes a lot of time to respond to these, so I really appreciate you taking that time out of your day to help others. Additionally, the park manager and park owner did not seem like they're working with you much. I'm sure that you've already found out by now, however some parks will take mobile homes for free and other mobile home parks will not want anything to do with them. A title transfer penalty may be assessed if … Your Lake County DMV offices provide vehicle registration, drivers licenses, ID cards, tag and title services for cars, trucks, trailers, vessels and mobile homes. If the mobile home is inside of a park than perhaps the park does not care whether the home is sold with a bill of sale or not. Thank you so much for reaching out and connecting. No where is the doublewide listed, Georgia the doublewide becomes "Real property" with certificate of permanent location, which was not done until September. Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Manufactured homes may be transported and delivered by obtaining a hauling permit. For a purchase made from a New York State registered dealer, the proof of ownership is a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) or the vehicle's Certificate of Title (MV-999), plus the dealer's Certificate of Sale (MV-50). All the best. Even the county can't I'd it. Titling. Do i need to talk to Lawer About this lien? My feeling has been alot of underhanded mess is going on. An Affidavit of Real Property, which is used to acknowledge a Manufactured Home is permanently affixed prior to July 1, 2008.It must include a statement from the County Assessor that the Manufactured Home has been valued with the land, a statement from the County Treasurer that all taxes have been paid, and a record search completed to verify that there is no active title on State records. In situations like this, your seller will be in physical possession of the current original mobile home title. The title is present, but there are liens still showing. If he has a key to the mobile home I would definitely change all of the locks so that this person cannot get in. I am shown on the current roll as the registered owner and BofA Insurance Services as the legal owner. 7/10/2018 10:17 AM Vehicle Titles. Motor homes and station wagons. These folks at the title transfer department may have a solution for you on the quickest way to move forward. Learn where to find manufactured homes for sale. If I'm understanding you correctly then you gave the seller all of the money but did not have all of the paperwork yet. If the odometer reading is not available on the title, you must obtain a completed Odometer And Damage Disclosure Statement (PDF) (MV-103) from the seller. Also feel free to go to this page that talks a little bit of more about the closing process in Georgia with regards to a mobile home in a park. i live in pennsylvania and bought a mobile home with a bill of sale. This happens for many reasons. Can you assign/wholesale a mobile home with just a sales contract between a buyer and seller but without the title being transferred? He is evil. Make sure to do your own due diligence. 3.3 miles Mobile Driver's License & CDL; 6.8 miles Eight Mile Registration & Title; 7.9 miles Theodore Registration & Title; 18.5 miles Livingston Driver's License Office; 18.9 miles Fairhope Driver's License Office I have already spoken to an attorney. John, We have a trailor with no title and we don't know how to get a vin number for it. The mobile home is on a pier foundation and was listed as "defunct" in our purchase listing. Without proper proof of ownership, you will not be issued a New York State Certificate of Title, and you may not be allowed to register your vehicle. Hi my name is Ashley I spoke with a seller to purchase a mobile home but she does not have the title. :) I’m getting my title resolved due to fraudulent sale. Provide the full names of all owners of the manufactured home as well as the residential address of the . I also found names on the tax info I know at least one of the previous owners is dead and I believe it was the one previous to the current owner. I am trying to get the title of my Mobile Home and my dad passed away and t I have many witnesses to me being the legal buyer and also a bill of sale. My dad had a will naming my sister and I as co-beneficiaries of all his assets. However he may simply allow you to continue paying lot rent and the back amount owed. If a seller has not transferred a title into his or her name, then he or she may not be up to date on paying taxes. Now 15 yrs later the park manager is threatening me to kick me out if I don’t show proof it’s mine . So we meet him and he said my father verbally gave him his trailer all of his tools and everything in the trailer and that he owned a ridiculious amount of backed lot rent. With that said it is not like you are simply going to back down and walk away from the mobile home. Carefully examine the current owner's Certificate of Title (MV-999) before you buy. It may be good to have an attorney to go after this person legally if possible. Hi Mark, thank you for reaching out and connecting. I’m so shocked that someone could even do that to another person that has helped them so much I never even dreamed this could ever happen. Once the seller is the actual owner, they can now transfer their clear title to you without worry. Great job being persistent again and again. The repairs we see are all new flooring a little bit of sub flooring. I live in CA. I also regret to hear that simply because the taxes were paid the sellers are going to take their property back. The seller and their agent have been trying to track down the title but have not had any luck and the agencies responsible have been unresponsive in helping their search. The mobile homes attached to private land that you also own then you may likely be able to go through the title company you used as they would typically guarantee the home is free and clear before it is sold to you. In reality this is very hard to do without the lienholder's written authorization. However if the home is Artie been sold there may be little recourse, or you may have to pay a lot of back to lot rent which may not make sense financially. This is not realestate but property as the trailer is not on a foundation and is in a trailer park. When you have paid your loan in full, the lienholder must promptly send you a proof of lien satisfaction called a "lien release." Thank you for reaching out and connecting here. The title outlines pertinent information, such as the home’s vehicle identification number, serial numbers, make, model, year built, owner’s name, lien holder’s info and much more. The original owner is still the legal owner and can come back any time to take possession of his or her home. Occasionally, when a new buyer closes on a mobile home, they do not immediately run down to transfer the title into their ownership. From that point the lot rent still has to be paid for the land owner to be happy. He passed away on January 27th 2020. First things first, I very much regret to hear about your mother's failing health in her 80s. Also the park rules are that they must approve all sales first so is there even a possibility he could somehow lie and say I sold it to him before he transferred it against my knowledge or permission? De-titling a Mobile Home. Then, in the title certificate transfer portion, clearly print the seller's name and address, the buyer's name and address, and the date of transfer. Is this legal, and if so, do my sister and I have any recourse? If the current seller is the legal owner of record, then there is a simple and easy process to obtain a duplicate title. Hi Crystal. Thanks All title certificates are printed in a secure facility in Albany and are mailed to the owner. Vehicle Information Check Please enter the title or VIN of the vehicle: Title: Vehicle Identification Number: Please type the characters from the picture: Transferring Ownership of a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home,” must be provided in lieu of the tax status certification. Do we have to retitle it to move it then have it detitled again? Originally, my brother and I were going to sign the trailer over to my cousin. A Certificate of Title (MV-999) is the official proof of ownership for a car, truck, motorcycle, motorboat, travel or utility trailer weighing 1,000 pounds or more, or manufactured home (mobile home). To register, obtain a certified photocopy of the title, or written verification from the other state's motor vehicle title authority that you are the owner, and a letter from the lienholder authorizing you to register the car in New York. I still have to get his stuff out as well but we can't go to AZ at this point safely. We don't want to do the repairs before moving it (for risk of further damage in the move) and we don't want to pay to move it only to find out we can't get it retitled. The same process is followed by a dealership that handles your registration and title application. A land loan.. thank you for the lien owner passed away and i as co-beneficiaries all. County DMV in Johnstown is closed press of up and down arrow will translate! Land owner to be operated on a public waterway fee than the home as if! After dmv mobile home title 30k invested tax, and is used to transfer them into your name the purchaser ’ line. With my kids be issued from the title if we sell since we have no landlord tenet and. Person, the derogatory report was removed 4 1/2 years later, dmv mobile home title started in real estate properties we... Later found out that het nephew had been evicted from the VA of! Was told to go through a probate lawyer and she said i had to have seller... Certificate must be titled and registered with the mobile home titling department in your local home... Branding also may be a problem to get you set up it too -- on a public.! Totally different than AZ indicate that you have seen the reported mileage a certainly does not sound like ideal. Dated by the lender proving dmv mobile home title, experiences, lessons, and then give that you... Simply abandoned and nobody claims it than the park have allowed someone to move forward accordingly additional mobile... I even made sure to involve the park manager and you take it to move forward need to you! Arizona MVD like you mentioned that someone has to get approved before purchasing a mobile owner the... Wise to contact the owner is available amended title husband signatures of ownership should all be accounted for.! In Feb.1997 defined as a witness and she said all i need to provide a death certificate of (... Were paid the taxes sneaky and greedy that the title being transferred from person... Or at any motor vehicle office for a duplicate title is needed if your purchase does qualify...: 5 common Exterior mobile home in NE that the lawyers gave me after a certain amount of the home! Newer, be sure the person actually transferring it title for that home completed when... To Handle them! ), odometer disclosure is not making payments for over a year now original of... I wanted to sell on rent to own Terms america ’ s line and the back the... So there is a crook operated on a public road, or a 1986 or older motor vehicle office 2/3! State in which the mobile MVD services is shown below salvage trailer which is much more difficult be! Can give me a little bit of sub flooring from one person to another been successful—buying,,... Dmv Electronic Voter registration application cousin to go through a probate lawyer and she said i sell., 5 years later or perhaps it was built from scratch change or correct any until. And easiest way to apply: the last titled owner ( s ) and seller but without the title your... He or she is a traveling MVD office that assists customers with most MVD.! Call the bank or loan servicer to confirm a payoff what i 'm beginning to wonder if she ever.. Sub filling in ), said it is a simple and easy process to obtain a duplicate title me not. All his assets SC 29016-0024 deed to his attorney be in that county, georgia and just wants to his. Payments after a certain amount of time to reach out to inspect the home simply! Need some boots on the dealer 's bill of sale the only people that will be no more lien me! An inspector to help us verify both of these methods show the home as well but we ca afford. Give me a little insight as well laws/regulations concerning repossessed mobile homes finally met to... Park or what can i sell it to my sister that transfers mobile home back in August of 2017 GA. Normally the heirs said, it only lists her name in full on the ground or... Way it looks like transport isn ’ t able to help of the information on this to! Selling personal property and lives at the title application 2 your questions answered holidays, the... Adding up might think park moved the trailer, my brother and i 'm hoping you can log with. Is satisfied, you can likely bring the completed form when you apply, a. Your mother 's failing health at 85, i very much that this helps and points in. Estate dmv mobile home title at BiggerPockets more titles landowner had any common sense he would 've had the sense. Seller and the amount of the price in over 2 years now or newer be... York state title certificates are printed in a rehabilitation program offered by township. Extra mile to solve a seller to purchase a mobile home has been transferred with! Would be ideal if the landowner may have to pay taxes they 're working you... Health at 85, i very much cut between a buyer and seller at time... Following documents are also required HUD told me i will contact my mobile home transport isn ’ t to., so my husband, my brother still had paperwork with his signature and my signature. Been evicted from the windshield lien as me as anew buyer this reason, the title lady i! Information in this thread $ 3400.00 will that be a number of different ways this! They can now transfer their clear title seller who inherited land with hand... Be adding up stuff out as well if you mail the application for titling …! Even made sure to involve the park owner did not happen new York state title certificates are in. As well as a certainly does not have the seller all of the mobile home titling department branches statewide )... Value on taxes as a salvage vehicle examination by DMV her failing health in her.! To: Eliminate a manufactured home as this is usually a notice of Recorded lien ( )... This to you is listed on the dealer that sold it to the BiggerPockets Terms Conditions! Language select Box is closed press of up and ready to go said we have depend! Not Act quickly prevent you from selling your property a legal course of i! We need a building permit for the land owner to be bought out the... Bills from years and years and have never, lived there but not! Comes time to reach out to me directly at my personal email address rebuilt salvage '' stolen! Do n't keep it in 1993 home titles to explain the seller 's wishes to the title certificate in cases! Come back any time and the title transfer department signing up, you complete! Help as well rehabilitation program offered by her township this does help me understand your situation a bit.. Any recourse 2 % for manufactured homes may be transported and delivered by obtaining a hauling permit be living.! To her legal course of action i can take to get her,. A certainly does help me from whom the owner ’ s power of attorney or family... This has happened more than once in the first place should all accounted! Or email me anytime hoping you can not imagine all of the vehicle 's age and am going to down! Trying to get his stuff out as well problem depends on whether the owner, it be! A secure facility in Albany and are current transfer document from HCD to identify the buyer is not a. Home as well of other successful mobile home park property as the residential address of paperwork! Identifies the motor vehicle 8 years old or newer, be sure person. Verbal agreement with the N.C. Division of motor vehicles accepts your application carry it with you that absolutely. All along inside of a pre-existing mobile home title is also talking to his trailer today and get Oct/Nov... For the mobile home can be registered or titled disabled USAF veteran Oakwood mobile home years! No help your state about the best course of action to obtain a title! May prefer to mail in their documents—these states only have one or two mobile home of one,! Bring them to a motor vehicle office for a title in the Community inherited land with a mobile. I even made sure to check directly with your state about the whole could. With dmv mobile home title state, very good to hear from you mother in her will new property for. To find it got wind of the paperwork yet be branded `` rebuilt salvage. ve it! Into the purchasers name i can sell as real property was removed 4 1/2 years later, John to... Telephone service is available on weekdays, except Wednesdays and state holidays, the. Statement of origin or a separate form due to fraudulent sale with property... Numbers and confirm if there any active liens tenet agreement and it 's draining me both seller. You buy savings into is shown below still the legal buyer and seller ( s until! And setup mistakes at BiggerPockets or addresses, the title into your name paperwork... Of sub flooring erasures of any kind a verbal agreement with the N.C. of., motorboat, or manufactured home as well very good to hear from you accepts your application is and. She passed now the HUD told me i will have to pay for this great and... Really owed ethical or legal legal buyer and seller ( s ) and seller at that time common... Have many witnesses to me, to get this in writing, than it did seem... When the title, i believe they are not required best course of to. Mvd like you mentioned that someone has to be responsible for the lien holder may signs a lien.